What is Social Media?

Social media has transformed the tradition media through social interaction. It can take many different forms, including Internet forums, weblogs, social blogs, wikis, podcasts, pictures, video, rating and bookmarking. Seems complicated? Maybe this video can help to understand more…

Credits: commoncraft

Cute character for hire


Could provide you full-time protection by storing electricity in my cheeks and release it in lightning-based attacks. Reference available upon request.

LCD Menu Displays finally in Vancouver

Even Chinese food court has LCD displays...why not McD or BK?  This is way better than plastic boards...

Even Chinese food court has LCD displays...why not McD or BK? This is way better than plastic boards...

Creative WWF ads

WWF’s mission is to raise public awareness on the importance of protecting wildlife and the environment. Here are some ad campaigns I really like:






Credits: The Design Inspiration

Vancity – One stop banking and tiles?


Open a bank account with Vancity today and get FREE TILES for your home!! What a great marketing idea right.

Cool Action Figures

Hot Toys displayed these awesome action figures at the recent Ani-Com 2009 in Hong Kong. Check out the batman motorcycle in the back.



I remember watching Attack from Mar back in high school. Although it wasn’t a memorable movie, you can’t forget these little martian dudes!


They even got toys from this year’s movie UP. I like the detailed texture on the old guy’s (forgot his name) jacket and hair. Cute!


And finally, anyone who knows me and Janice knows we are a huge AstroBoy collector. In anticipation of the new Astroboy movie, Hot Toys released these sweet action figures. Must get our hands on these somehow…

Welcome to DZDC Blog

Picture 3

As we are developing our new DreamZone website (version #4), we thought it would be a nice opportunity to built a new blog site along with it. Well, acually we’ve always wanted our own blog to share some of our thoughts and news with the world. Now finally we have some time to work on internal projects, but it wasn’t easy. As many designers will agree, you are your worst client.

We’ve also like to take this time to thank some of our clients who’s been with us over the years and trusted our service. It was great working with every single one of you and we look forward to hearing from you again in the future for your next project. Until then, visit us often and see what we are up!